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University Placement Service Online

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Kaplan International Colleges teach academic preparation programmes especially designed for international students, in partnership with a select group of top UK universities.

Kaplan provide high-quality teaching and personalised student services which make a difference to students' ambitions.

Our primary objective is to help students achieve the grades they need to enter the host university. However, we recognise that not all students will meet these requirements and our University Placement Service assists them in securing a study place with alternative UK academic institution.

UPS Online is a free service for KIC students which gives them insurance study options within our network of UK HE partners. Students are able to apply for insurance offers, whilst still registered at their KIC pathway college, and have the reassurance that they will be able to progress to a course of study at one of our UK HE partners.

The International Colleges have been designed especially for international students. Find out more about their special features.

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